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Constitution and Rules, in force as of:

7th July 2013


1.              NAME: The Club shall be known as “Debden Sports Club, incorporating Debden Cricket Club, Debden Sports Football Club, Debden Sports Table Tennis Club, Debden Darts Club and Debden Pigeon Club” (hereinafter called “the Club”).


2.              OBJECTS: The objects of the Club shall be to provide sports facilities and to promote and continue a spirit of friendly rivalry between bodies of a similar nature in the neighbourhood.


3.              COLOURS: The colours of the Club shall be “Green and White”.


4.              MEMBERSHIP:


a)       Full membership of the Club shall be limited to those who on joining have attained the age of SIXTEEN years and that Junior membership of the Club shall be open to those who on joining are under the age of SIXTEEN years, provided that any person who wished to become a member of the Club takes an active interest, or be a Non-Playing member. If after being accepted as a member a player should play for another Club when he was liable for selection for Debden Sports Club, his membership would be revoked. All application to join or re-join the Club shall be subject to the approval of AND at the discretion of the Management Committee who shall also have power to consider re-applications.


All members will be required to sign a disclaimer. The Parent / Guardian should sign if the proposed member is Under 16.

This will read as follows:-

Please note that Debden Sports are not under any liability whatsoever in respect of injury, loss, or damage to any persons however caused.


b)       That members and private hirers of the Pavilion shall at all times be governed by the Licensing Laws in force at that time.


c)       Resignation from the Club shall be made in writing to the General Secretary. No member who has resigned will be eligible to re-join the Club until all fees or dues which were outstanding at the time of his resignation have been paid.


d)       Membership of the Club shall be taken as including the spouses of members on the one membership subscription.


5.              OFFICERS


a)       The officers of the Club shall be the President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. General Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer. They shall be elected or re-elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club and shall hold office from the first day of the month in which the next ensuing Annual General Meeting is held.


b)       As well as their normal duties the Officers of the Club shall be empowered to sign on behalf of the Club any legal deed, agreement or assignment subject to the approval of the Management Committee.


6.              MANAGEMENT: The management of the Club and its funds shall be vested in a Management Committee which shall consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. General and Assistant Secretary, Hon. and Assistant Treasurer, the Cricket, Football, Darts, Pigeon and Table Tennis Secretaries, the managers of the Youth Sections and ten other members. The Cricket, Football, Darts, Pigeon and Table Tennis Secretaries shall be elected at the Annual General Meetings of their respective sections, and the Managers of the Youth Sections shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Youth Sections; the remaining members of the Management Committee shall be elected an the Annual General Meeting of the Club and shall hold office as aforementioned in Section 5


The Management Committee may, at its discretion:


a)       appoint an Acting Chairman to take the chair in the absence of both the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, at any meeting of the Club. The Acting Chairman so appointed shall have the same powers and duties as the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.


b)       co-opt others of the Club to serve on the Management Committee as follows:-


i)        as required to replace members of the Management Committee who have resigned or are otherwise prevented from continuing to serve. Such co-opted members shall be drawn in order from the list of unsuccessful nominees to the Management Committee at the previous Annual General Meeting, and a record of voting at such meetings shall be kept for this purpose. Members so co-opted shall have the right to vote at meetings of the Management Committee.


ii)       to bring to the Management Committee their expert knowledge of question to come before that Committee, for as long as that knowledge is required. Such co-opted members shall not have the right to vote at meetings of the Management Committee.

iii)     open bank accounts, and


iv)      appoint such sub-committees as it may deem desirable. The Officers of the Club shall be ex-officio members of all such sub-committees.


7.              COMMITTEES: Committees shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meetings of the Cricket, Football, Darts, Pigeon, Table Tennis and Junior Section, and shall be responsible for running those sections respectively. The complement and functions of such committees shall be decided in accordance with the wishes of the members as expressed at the respective General Meetings. Copies of the reports of these Meetings must be submitted to the General Secretary before the next Management Committee Meeting.


The officers of the Club shall be ex-officio members of all such committees.


8.              COMPLAINTS:


a)       Any dispute, claim or complaint from any member of the Club which arises in connection with any of the Club activities shall be referred in writing to the Management Committee, through the Hon. General Secretary.


b)       If any complaint be received from any person or organisation, referring to the conduct of a member of the Club, the Management Committee shall be required to investigate it and shall be empowered to take such action as is deemed desirable in the interests of the Club.


c)       The decision of the Management Committee in such matters shall be final.


9.              MEETINGS:


a)       The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Club shall be held before February of each year to conduct the following business:-


i)      to consider the reports of the Chairman, Secretary and the Treasurer, and the audited Income and Expenditure and Balance Sheets, for the year which ended on the 31st December immediately preceding;

ii)     to elect by ballot the Officers and Management Committee of the Club, as required by Sections 5 and 6 above;

iii)   to elect two Auditors, not being members of the Management Committee, to hold office until the next ensuing Annual General Meeting; and

iv)    to consider any further business regarded by the Management Committee as appropriate to the Annual General Meeting.


b)       Preliminary notice calling an Extraordinary General Meeting may be issued by the Management Committee at any time; and shall be issued by the Management Committee within fourteen days of the receipt by the General Secretary of a written application stating the purpose for which the meeting is required and signed by at least ten members of the Club, except where such an application is received in December or January the Management Committee shall have the power to postpone the holding of the Extraordinary General Meeting until immediately before the Annual General Meeting.


c)       Twenty-eight days preliminary notice by poster in the Club house and fourteen days final notice in writing, shall be given by the General Secretary to each member, of any General Meeting. Motions for consideration at an Annual General Meeting, and nominations for the election of officers and Management Committee shall be in the hands of the General Secretary not less than seven days prior to the date of such a meeting. A Copy of the agenda shall be circulated with Final Notice of the Annual General Meeting, together with the audited Income and Expenditure Account and the Balance Sheet, the General Secretary’s and the Treasurer’s Reports, all referring to the year which ended on 31st December immediately past.


d)    Notice may also be given by electronic means either by Text or Email.

e)       Any member may attend and speak at any General Meeting and shall be entitled to vote.


f)       At a MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE MEETING a simple majority of the members elected to that committee shall form a quorum.


A motion at a GENERAL MEETING shall be passed by a simple majority of the members present, except as provided for in Section 15 below, and except that a motion to wind up the affairs of the Club and dispose of its funds shall be passed, if approved, by a majority of less than two-thirds of the membership of the Club.


10.          FINANCE: The financial year of the Club shall be from 1st January for one year to 31st December. The Accounts of the Club shall be audited annually, as soon as possible after the end the end of the financial year, and also upon the resignation of a Treasurer.




Senior Members: aged 18 years and over                   ) AS APPRIVED AT THE

Youth Members: aged 16-17                                     ) ANNUAL GENERAL

Junior Members: aged 10-15                                     ) MEETING


These subscriptions include V.A.T.


a)       In addition Playing Fees will be paid as follows:-


Senior, Youth & Junior Members            ) AS AGREED AT THE RESPECTIVE

(All Sports)                                           ) GENERAL MEETING OF EACH

                                                           ) GROUP




b)       Membership fee shall be payable immediately on joining the Club and thereafter at the appropriate rate on the 1st day of that sections season, ie football, darts and table tennis (September) cricket and pigeon section (May). And all subscriptions must be paid within 1 calendar month of that date. Failure to do so can entail withdrawal of membership. Only fully paid-up members shall be allowed the use of the Club’s facilities and equipment.


12.          INSURANCE: The Management Committee shall be responsible for obtaining such insurance cover as shall be in the interests of the members of the Club and their property, and shall pay premiums on such polices from Club functions.


13.          PAVILION AND BAR:


a)       The licensed bar shall be open only during the hours permitted by the Licensing Justices, unless an extension of those hours has been obtained from the Chief Officer of Police, as required by law. The use of the bar shall be confined to members over the age of 18 years.


b)       A list of bona-fide members of the Club shall be kept at the pavilion, and only such members shall be permitted to buy intoxicants from the bar. Guests may be introduced to the Club by bona-fide members, being signed into the special book kept for the purpose at the bar; the name of the member introducing each guest shall also be shown


c)       Members & Supporters of opposing Clubs shall be Hon. Members for the day of the event.


d)       The Pavilion may be hired by any person whether that person be a member or not, provided that:-


1.       All matches arranged shall be played.


2.       All private functions shall be concluded by midnight at the latest, and no money taken at the door.


3.       At least one member of the Management Bar Committee shall be present during such functions, and


4.       The Management Committee shall have at its discretion the right to refuse applications for private hirings and to impose such further conditions as are deemed necessary in the Club’s interest.


5.       That the names and addresses of the hirers and their guests shall be displayed in the Club’s premises on the day of the function.


14.          CODE OF CONDUCT

The code of Conduct for Coaches, Players, Team Officials and Parents / Spectators is included as a separate document but is adopted as part of the constitution.



The Child Protection Policy is included as a separate document but is adopted as part of the constitution.



This policy is included as a separate document but is adopted as part of the constitution.



a)       Any proposed alterations or amendments to the constitution or rules must be submitted in writing (duly seconded) to the committee at least four weeks prior to the AGM.

b)       Any such proposal must be clearly displayed on the club’s notice board and circulated to all section secretaries a minimum of fourteen days prior to the AGM, thus allowing all members the opportunity to discuss or amend any such proposal.


18.        INTERPRETATION: The Management Committee shall have power to carry out all rules of the Club, and its decision shall be final in the interpretation of these rules or of any matter not provided for therein.


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