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Chelmsford Youth League - Under 14 Division 3
Date Home Team Score - Score Away Team
19/11/2017 Keo Youth Harold Wood Cougars
19/11/2017 Linford Wanderers Sunday Under 14s
19/11/2017 Ongar Juniors Whites Collier Row Red
19/11/2017 Romford Borough Youth Blues Brentwood Tigers
26/11/2017 Collier Row Red Brentwood Tigers
26/11/2017 Harold Wood Cougars Linford Wanderers
26/11/2017 Keo Youth Romford Borough Youth Blues
26/11/2017 Sunday Under 14s Ongar Juniors Whites
03/12/2017 Brentwood Tigers Sunday Under 14s
03/12/2017 Linford Wanderers Keo Youth
03/12/2017 Ongar Juniors Whites Harold Wood Cougars
03/12/2017 Romford Borough Youth Blues Collier Row Red
10/12/2017 Harold Wood Cougars Brentwood Tigers
10/12/2017 Keo Youth Ongar Juniors Whites
10/12/2017 Linford Wanderers Romford Borough Youth Blues
10/12/2017 Sunday Under 14s Collier Row Red
17/12/2017 Brentwood Tigers Keo Youth
17/12/2017 Collier Row Red Harold Wood Cougars
17/12/2017 Ongar Juniors Whites Linford Wanderers
17/12/2017 Romford Borough Youth Blues Sunday Under 14s
07/01/2018 Harold Wood Cougars Sunday Under 14s
07/01/2018 Keo Youth Collier Row Red
07/01/2018 Linford Wanderers Brentwood Tigers
07/01/2018 Ongar Juniors Whites Romford Borough Youth Blues
14/01/2018 Brentwood Tigers Ongar Juniors Whites
14/01/2018 Collier Row Red Linford Wanderers
14/01/2018 Romford Borough Youth Blues Harold Wood Cougars
14/01/2018 Sunday Under 14s Keo Youth
21/01/2018 Brentwood Tigers Collier Row Red
21/01/2018 Linford Wanderers Harold Wood Cougars
21/01/2018 Romford Borough Youth Blues Ongar Juniors Whites
28/01/2018 Brentwood Tigers Linford Wanderers
28/01/2018 Collier Row Red Keo Youth
28/01/2018 Sunday Under 14s Harold Wood Cougars
04/03/2018 Linford Wanderers Ongar Juniors Whites