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Chelmsford Youth League - Under 15 Division 1
Date Home Team Score - Score Away Team
25/11/2018 Blackmore Hannakins Farm Blues
25/11/2018 Hutton White FC Redwing Lions
25/11/2018 Maldon & Tiptree Panthers Harold Wood Cougars Yellows
02/12/2018 Aveley Hearts Blackmore
02/12/2018 FC Redwing Lions Maldon & Tiptree Panthers
02/12/2018 Hannakins Farm Blues Hutton White
02/12/2018 Harold Wood Cougars Yellows Grays Athletic Yellow
09/12/2018 Grays Athletic Yellow FC Redwing Lions
09/12/2018 Hutton White Aveley Hearts
09/12/2018 Maldon & Tiptree Panthers Hannakins Farm Blues
09/12/2018 Debden Sports Club Harold Wood Cougars Yellows
16/12/2018 Aveley Hearts Maldon & Tiptree Panthers
16/12/2018 Blackmore Hutton White
16/12/2018 FC Redwing Lions Debden Sports Club
16/12/2018 Hannakins Farm Blues Grays Athletic Yellow
06/01/2019 Grays Athletic Yellow Blackmore
06/01/2019 Hannakins Farm Blues FC Redwing Lions
06/01/2019 Harold Wood Cougars Yellows Debden Sports Club
13/01/2019 Grays Athletic Yellow Aveley Hearts
13/01/2019 Harold Wood Cougars Yellows FC Redwing Lions
13/01/2019 Maldon & Tiptree Panthers Blackmore
13/01/2019 Debden Sports Club Hannakins Farm Blues
20/01/2019 Aveley Hearts Debden Sports Club
20/01/2019 Blackmore Grays Athletic Yellow
20/01/2019 Hannakins Farm Blues Harold Wood Cougars Yellows
20/01/2019 Hutton White Maldon & Tiptree Panthers
27/01/2019 FC Redwing Lions Hannakins Farm Blues
27/01/2019 Grays Athletic Yellow Hutton White
27/01/2019 Harold Wood Cougars Yellows Aveley Hearts
27/01/2019 Debden Sports Club Blackmore
03/02/2019 Aveley Hearts FC Redwing Lions
03/02/2019 Blackmore Harold Wood Cougars Yellows
03/02/2019 Hutton White Debden Sports Club
03/02/2019 Maldon & Tiptree Panthers Grays Athletic Yellow
10/02/2019 FC Redwing Lions Blackmore
10/02/2019 Hannakins Farm Blues Aveley Hearts
10/02/2019 Harold Wood Cougars Yellows Hutton White
10/02/2019 Debden Sports Club Maldon & Tiptree Panthers
24/02/2019 Harold Wood Cougars Yellows Hannakins Farm Blues
24/02/2019 Maldon & Tiptree Panthers Hutton White
24/02/2019 Debden Sports Club Grays Athletic Yellow
03/03/2019 Grays Athletic Yellow Maldon & Tiptree Panthers
03/03/2019 Hannakins Farm Blues Blackmore
03/03/2019 Debden Sports Club Hutton White
10/03/2019 Grays Athletic Yellow Debden Sports Club
10/03/2019 Hutton White Blackmore