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Essex Veterans League - Over 55s Division
Date Home Team Score - Score Away Team
16/03/2024 Grays Athletic O55s Chapel United O55s
16/03/2024 Hannakins Farm O55s Debden Sports Jubilee
16/03/2024 Old Parmiterians O55s Newport Veterans O55s
23/03/2024 Newport Veterans O55s Herongate Athletic O55s
23/03/2024 Old Parmiterians O55s Debden Sports Jubilee
06/04/2024 Hannakins Farm O55s Old Parmiterians O55s
13/04/2024 Chapel United O55s Debden Sports Jubilee
13/04/2024 Herongate Athletic O55s Grays Athletic O55s
13/04/2024 Newport Veterans O55s Hannakins Farm O55s
20/04/2024 Old Parmiterians O55s Herongate Athletic O55s
27/04/2024 Chapel United O55s Old Parmiterians O55s
27/04/2024 Hannakins Farm O55s Grays Athletic O55s
27/04/2024 Debden Sports Jubilee Herongate Athletic O55s
04/05/2024 Old Parmiterians O55s Hannakins Farm O55s
11/05/2024 Hannakins Farm O55s Newport Veterans O55s